Montaña de Siete Colores / by Ava Liu

The rainbow mountains near Cusco are absolutely stunning.  It's a one-day trip departing from Cusco at 3:30am in the morning and returning around 7pm. Apart from the altitude (5020m), the hike is not challenging and the views are incredible.

I can't subdue the intense colours of these photos, and I'm not sure how they turned out this way. Apart from the over-exposure, how did the blues turn out so blue and the contrasts so strong? With minimal editing, all the magic came from the sleight of hand of film.

Don't be overwhelmed however by the magic of photography - the actual views itself are just as impressive. Apart from the rainbow mountains themselves, the three hour hike in the valley on the way to the mountain is beautiful, resplendent with views of green hills and dipping valleys. The whole trek is dotted with tiny houses next to which llamas and sheep peacefully graze (you can see them if you look carefully in my photos). With warm new year wishes from Peru: